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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vánočka Bread Pudding

I am a big fan of all things pudding. So when we ended up with leftover Czech Christmas Bread (called "Vánočka"), I immediately thought: Bread Pudding!

Yes, maybe we (my Czech grandmother, my mother, and I) did go a little overboard this year when we made 15 loaves of vánočka...but this was so freakin' good that I think we'll make just as many next year and reserve the less-than-perfectly-braided loaves for New Year's Bread Pudding:

I used the recipe for Bread Pudding with Spiced Rum Sauce from Epicurious, but substituted the vánočka for challah. Very easy, and I definitely recommend making the rum sauce...it was delicious and added that extra ooomph, nevermind holiday spirit.

And just for reference--the beautiful, sweet, buttery wonder that is Vánočka:

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