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Thursday, February 26, 2009

40 days and 40 nights

Well, more like 7. That's the number of days/nights that we figure water was shooting out of the broken pipes in our *almost* house before we found out and alerted the seller's agent and the water was turned off.

It appears that the seller's agent, in an effort to be frugal, set the thermostat to 40 degrees. During a New England cold snap. Einstein she is not.

So now, about a month later, the deal is totally off. The seller's plan was to fix the burst pipes, replace sheetrock, remove the carpets, and then winterize the house. We didn't feel comfortable with these simple cosmetic repairs after days of full-blast water flow. So we cancelled and got our 5% deposit back (which was a little iffy anyways.)

Aaaaaaaaaand, we're back to square one with the house hunt.

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