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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Restaurant Rave-MATCH

Every couple of months, I go out with some girlfriends from my previous job, just to catch up, gossip, and see what everyone's been up to. This past Thursday, we hit Match. It's a modern restaurant/lounge with a "Burgers and Martinis" theme and I have to say...I loved it.
The atmosphere and decor were just right...trendy with unique lighting and a large striking fireplace centered on the back wall. Once we were all settled in our comfy U-shaped booth (perfect for a serious gabfest), it was time to get down to business. And by "business" I mean some super girly martinis, the best of which was the Mango Shizzle, and the most interesting of which featured a Pop Rocks candy rim. When it came time to order our meals, we all bypassed the specialty of the house (their gourmet sliders) and went right for the entrees. Why? At Match, Thursday night is ladies' night and all entrees are $5! Everyone except for me took full advantage and went for the filet mignon with goat cheese mashed potatoes, which they raved about (one friend even said they were the best MP's she's ever had). My blackened salmon with honeydew melon salsa and parmesan risotto cake was perfectly cooked and delicious. The portions were just right, so we all finished with the chocolate chip cookie dough fritter with dulce de leche ice cream. Yum.

So all in all, I had a great time at Match and would definitely recommend it...especially for ladies' night. Cocktails are a little pricey at $12, but the $5 entree is a steal so it all works out!

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