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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crunch Time

Time to put the full court press on the bathroom renovation! Steven's ACL reconstruction surgery is exactly 2 weeks from today, and our tenant is moving in the weekend before--as in, 11 days from now--so we really need to get that 2nd bathroom up and running asap.

Since I haven't mentioned the tenant thing before, here's the story: Upon hearing that we might actually succeed in buying this house, a friend of Steven's from work just threw it out there and asked if we would be interested in renting him a room. He's a fellow RhodeIslander and he wasn't interested in leasing another apartment in the city, so a casual tenant-at-will situation south of Boston works well for him. For us, it's a smart move...we have plenty of space, and can put the income towards whatever...funding renovations, paying extra on the mortgage, whatever. Plus, I hear he loves to cook. :)

So, back to the bathroom. This is the look we're going for, almost to a T (In fact, we're using this same exact sink, toilet, and mirror, from Kohler's Bancroft series.):
(Image from House Beautiful)
We LOVE this clean, classic look--the chrome, subway tile, octagonal floor tiles--and while it's definitely trendy right now, it's also timeless and appropriate for our early 1900's house. Love it!

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