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Monday, March 19, 2012

Recipe Rave: Cucumber Avocado Summer Rolls

Okay, I'm obsessed with these. Came across this
William Sonoma recipe via Pinterest and knew I had to give them a try. So so so worth it. So fresh and yummy tasting.  Oh, and working with the rice paper was way easier than I anticipated, so don't be scuuurrrred.

ps-kudos to my local stop & shop for carrying the rice paper wraps. very international of them.


  1. I will vouch - they are AMAZING. Now if I could only find mint at the grocery store - of all things they don't have!

  2. Beautiful, delicious and HEALTHY!


  3. I was daydreaming about these the other day, and thought they would make a great salad (for those of us too lazy to fuss with the rice paper)-- instead of the rice wrappers, toss chilled rice noodles with the filling veggies, and top with the dipping sauce as dressing. Drooooool....

  4. Time to resurrect this awesome blog!!