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Monday, August 17, 2009

And We Are Back Online...

Woo-hoo! We are reconnected to the modern world--the cable company came by today to hook up our internet, cable, and landline. Funny how the latter 2 represent a major shift for us...we haven't had cable since May '08, and a landline since...college? Yup, settling right in.

And (bonus!)-we are apparently getting a free Dell Netbook as part of the Comcast Triple Play promotion. No idea if we get to pick a color...but if we do, I'm loving the blue one! And the red one...

Okay, where to begin? Ah, yes--WE HAVE MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOUSE!

Moving was a trip! When a certain die-hard family member (cough*KEVIN*cough) suggested that we pack and move everything on Friday night, Steven and I initially balked...but 2 minutes later Steven had that crazy look in his eye and, well, we pulled an all-nighter, packed every last worthwhile belonging (as well as tons of JUNK) into the UHaul, and set off for our new home. We arrived at our house at 4 a.m., went to sleep at 5:20 a.m., and started unloading the truck about 5 hours later! Luckily, Steven's bros and dad were around to help us...otherwise we might still be packing! ;)

After a week+ of living here, I can honestly say it's great. Primitive and disorderly, but awesome nonetheless. I still can't believe we're in our own house!

More updates coming up soon...but for now, any guesses as to what this plant is?:
Steven went all Tarzan on a HUGE weed near the foundation, and this guy got caught in the crossfire. Apparently "a little pruning" and elimination of competition was just what it needed, because it's been growing like crazy since then. Nice, huh? But it'd be even better if we knew what it was!

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