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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psychedelic Bedroom

Good news: I've finally worked out the right method for removing the wallpaper adhesive from our horse hair plaster walls, and I've even successfully fiddled with joint compound to get a feel for skim coating. (Kind of fun actually, like icing a giant flat cake.)

Bad news: It's going to take a lot longer to get that room done than I originally thought. Not only do I have to remove the wallpaper adhesive, which is slow going, but I need to repair some cracks and significant holes before I can then skim coat, prime, paint.

Here's a shot of my joint compound test. I was pretty pleased with the results, and enjoy imagining how the room will look with 4 freshly skim coated walls.
In other news: We've temporarily moved into another bedroom. Steven had had enough of the twin-air-mattress-in-the-living-room set up, and decided we should just wipe this room down with Murphy's Oil Soap and set up our bed. I initially resisted, thinking we should wait until we have a fully-renovated bedroom available, but joined the clean-up effort anyways.

When I started wiping down the dusty walls, the weirdest thing happened--the wallpaper pattern dissolved and smeared as soon as water touched it. Now, this wallpaper is really old...and seems as if someone took a brown paper bag from the grocery store, painted it with chalk-based paint, and left it out in the sun for 75+ years.
Add water, and you have blurry, psychedelic wall decor:
Let me just say this for the record: I am a foolish woman with a very smart husband. Living upstairs, in a bedroom, with a real bed, is SO much better. It's only temporarily thrown together...mattress & boxspring, bedframe, bedside table, and 1 dresser...but it's such an upgrade!
Good call, Steven. Good call.

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  1. Lots and lots and lots of work Ms. Laryssa! I miss you guys. I am undergoing the same renovations, only on mine, I took down the horse hair plaster during 90 degree temps with full humidity. How's that for daring!