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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Checking In

Haven't had any time or energy for updates recently, so here is a "getting up to speed" post...

Steven's ACL Surgery. Well, it's done, and I'm pleased to report that the procedure went as planned and the surgeon was very positive at Steven's first post-op appointment on Friday. (To be more specific--after shaking the just-operated-on knee all over the place, he declared "Oooh, yeah. That's a sturdy knee joint.") The first week after surgery was a doozy, highlighted by a modern torture device (aka: the CPM machine), nasty pain med side effects, and general misery. Eleven days post-op, things are looking much better. Steven is done with the CPM machine, putting considerable weight on his healing leg, and flexing to 95 degrees. According to the surgeon, it takes until about 3 months post-op to start feeling "like yourself", but things are definitely moving in the right direction...

PARIS! I'm heading to Paris in exactly 1 month for a girls' getaway weekend!
It all happened rather suddenly, and started with the following email from one of my girls:

"I have a couple extra vacation days this year..."

Things just snowballed from there, and three days later we had booked a great flight & hotel package through Orbitz. This is a first time destination for all 3 of us, and we're just super excited to see the sights, walk the city, and savor the flavors. In fact, the unofficial theme of our trip is DIY Foodie Tour. Very excited!

Home Improvement. As you might imagine, home improvement efforts came to a screeching halt after Steven's surgery. The downstairs bathroom is still priority #1, with winter preparation and insulating coming in as a close #2. We made some progress with that this weekend, which I'll post about in more detail soon.

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