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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eat Like a Mainer

In amongst my latest stack of goodies from the library was the January 2010 issue of Down East Magazine, the magazine of Maine. It's no wonder it caught my eye, considering the front cover:
Even though it's the January issue, it just screams SUMMER! to me...and what better way to prepare for my impending weekend getaway in mid-coast Maine than to read up on the latest and greatest foodie spots in Maine?

You can read the whole Eat Like a Mainer article HERE, but here are some highlights that I've filed away in my mental rolodex:

John's Ice Cream Factory in Liberty-30 flavors made from scratch with local, fresh ingredients. According to the article, it "might just take the cake" as Maine's best ice cream stand. Author's Note: We will definitely be hitting this place in a couple weeks. I'll be sure to provide a full report. ;)

Ebenezer's Pub in Lovell-Excerpt..."Any beer lover should know and seek out Ebenezer's, which Beer Advocate magazine has named the number one beer bar in America (and the world) the last three years in a row." I'd keep going, mentioning the 700 kinds of bottled beer and 35 beers on tap...but I suspect the first sentence was sufficient.

Bresca in Portland-Friends have been singing the praises of Portland's dining scene for a while now, and I'm thinking Bresca might just be the perfect foray into the feast. The menu is decidedly fancier than our typical beloved Maine fare (as in, I don't think a bib will be necessary ;)...but to be honest, I'm hardly paying attention to anything besides the panna cotta described in the article...something about passionfruit broth with white pepper orange sorbet...

Farmers Fare in Rockport-This place sounds like a very interesting mix between a farmers market, cafe, and agricultural community center. I'm intrigued...

As an aside, a couple of years ago I made an exception to my rule not to buy cookbooks (there's just soooo much available on the internet...why invite the clutter?) for THIS:
It's definitely worth the space it occupies on the bookshelf.

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