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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Review: Puppies, Wedding, and Bruncheon

Can I just take a second to say "I love summer hours"? Oh, I can? Okay then: I LOVE SUMMER HOURS!

Summer hours means I get to work a half day on Fridays and start the weekend early, which has led to such glamorous Friday afternoon activities as getting the car inspected and mowing the lawn. Okay, okay, okay...I know that's not exactly glamorous...but it still makes me happy for some reason!

Anyways, a little photo montage from this past weekend...

*My mom and grandmother stopped by to show off their new puppies!*
*They're 10 week old Border Collie/Spitz/Pomeranian mutts and they are adorable!*
*On Saturday, we attended a lovely wedding at the beautiful Pierce House in Lincoln, MA.*
*It was a really nice wedding...elegant and fun, with great food, and of course, a beautiful couple! (The bride was my manager at my previous job, and she & her new husband are just wonderful people)*
*My hot date, appreciating the architectural details in a room that bears a striking resemblance to the inspiration photo in my last post.*
*On Sunday I hosted a little ladies' bruncheon (no, not a real word. but i like it.) for a couple of my best girls. We all enjoy cooking, so we BROUGHT IT...I made cranberry scones with lemon curd (YUM!) and toasted bagel bites made with honey mustard, ham, tomato and dill Havarti. My girls brought a fantastic veggie quiche and homemade granola with fresh berries. We've decided we need to do this more often.*

And today...back to the GRIND.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, a weekend of brunch + puppies + a wedding?!?! Sounds like a fabulous weekend indeed!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!! (Sorry, didn't see it till now). Yes - I loved Shadow of the Wind. I see that you're reading Eat, Pray, Love right now, also one of my all time favorites!! You'll love it!! :)
    Hope you keep having great weekends and days just like the one above!! :)