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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cocktail Friday: Toasted Almond

Last Friday's cocktail was the Toasted Almond, a mix of vodka, Tia Maria, Disaronno, and cream. I was extra excited about this CF because it was my first chance to break out my new martini glasses (from Santa Steven, who scored high quality Austrian glasses at Christmas Tree Shops, of all places) and my new cocktail shaker.
Right off the bat, Steven insisted that I must have mixed up the ratios...and shortly after giving him a big speech about how "I'm a scientist, I always follow the protocol, bla bla bla", I realized that there was twice as much alcohol in there as there should have been. Oops! Oh, well, an extra dash of cream straightened that right out. :)

Apparently my mixing style closely resembles that of this famous epicure:


  1. I have missed the Swedish chef, thank-you! You are in great company. Is CF an open invite? Would love to see recipes included for the cocktails, along with a review.

  2. The recipes are always linked in the posts if not explicitly included in the text. For this one, just click the "Toasted Almond" link. As for the review...pretty good, not fabulous. And way too much cream to make this a go-to cocktail! :)