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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Key Trends

Has anyone else noticed how the vintage skeleton key motif is suddenly everywhere you look?

From home decor, such as these vintage keys from Pottery Barn ($19 for a set of 7)...
or this absurdly priced "key art" from Restoration Hardware ($199)...
Oval key pendant, $150
Diamond & Platinum key pendant, $6500

the vintage key is definitely in the spotlight.

I find this particularly interesting, as we have amassed a bin full of vintage keys that were tucked away in our basement. Of course, some of them may match the old locks on the bedroom doors (this is likely, considering the fact that our front door can still be locked by skeleton key), but that still leaves a whole bunch of unmatched keys.

I'd really like to come up with a creative way of using these as a decorative element in the house, but if the creative juices don't flow, I think simply hanging them on the wall a la Pottery Barn would still look pretty neat...

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