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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Prospectus

I love making lists, and what better time to make a master list than the New Year? Here's my current vision for 2010:

*Finish downstairs bath.
*Give the front porch a makeover.
*New windows in the sunroom?
*Rewire the 2nd floor? (Awaiting estimates)
*Continue cosmetic remodel of 1st floor.
*Hopefully get 1 bedroom updated.

(Do I even need to say it?) You know the drill for this perennial favorite: eat better, exercise, slim down.

Take 2 more graduate classes.

2009 was the year of financial flux. Between the new job, new house, tax credit, money in, money out, heat & water bills...we're still not sure what a "normal" month is going to look like.
*Figure out our monthly budget.
*Save for travel.
*Save for home improvement.
*Open a Roth IRA.
*Bring lunch from home! (Huge financial and dietary failure of mine)
One big trip (current frontrunner: Alaska) with several little trips (VT, ME, NH) sprinkled in.

*Establish a daily routine.
*Explore our new community.
*Do a better job keeping in touch with old friends.
*Keep reading lots of library books.
*Act on my "six month rotation" mentality (I'll explain later.)

Happy New Year!

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