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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are You Kidding Me!?!?

My friends, incompetence is all around us. Just take a look at this picture:
We thought we were ready to put up the wall tiles, but right before mixing up some thinset, Steven (luckily) decided to double check that everything was kosher with the shower valve, as he'd been giving it the side eye since putting the cement board up.

Sure enough, it was installed incorrectly and is sticking out about 1" farther than it should be. This is our plumber's 3rd strike (I absolutely loathe him) and when we had him come by to confirm our diagnosis, he wasn't even remotely apologetic or accountable. Steven couldn't even pin him down and get him to say that it was installed incorrectly...closest this guy would come was to say "ayuh, it's sticking out too far". Uhhhh, okay, thanks for that.

Soooo...that's the latest on the bathroom :(

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