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Friday, February 26, 2010

Update: Meat CSA

Well, the 2nd share was much more impressive: steak tips, sirloin tips, london broil, a chicken, ground beef, italian sausage, and pork ribs (pictured above, with homemade coleslaw and a honey, mango, raspberry, banana smoothie).

The first share is pretty much done...and while I found the charcuterie to be good but unremarkable, the pork chops and the chicken breast were fantastic. I wanted to "resource manage" the chicken breast...so I ended up stuffing them with the ricotta, herbs, sun dried tomatoes and garlic I had on hand, then baking them. The pork chops I maple brined using this recipe, and they came out great. I could definitely tell the difference between these meats and regular grocery store meats, and now I'm really excited to try the beef, as I've read that the difference in taste and texture is quite noticeable in grass fed beef.

Steak tips for dinner tomorrow night!

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