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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Vintage Home

Even though we're nowhere near being ready to decorate our house, or maybe because of it, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about home decor...I love imagining what our house will look like, where we'll put some of our favorite items, and what colors we'll choose. My vision is still rather vague, but countless hours spent perusing home decorating magazines, books and blogs have helped me to narrow it down to one basic idea.

And of course, it was the obvious choice, right in front of my face the whole time. This old house, all of the cool stuff we found in it, our love of rummaging through yard sales/antique shops/craigslist...of course we'll go with an eclectic vintage style, hopefully featuring a bunch of yet-to-be-acquired unique finds, and influenced by our love of travel and preference for cozy, welcoming spaces bathed in natural light.

On a related note, I am chomping at the bit to check out the Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley, MA this year. It's held every Sunday, is HUGE, and supposedly flies under the radar compared to the highly acclaimed Brimfield, MA Antique Show. Can't wait for the season opener in April!

Here are some shots of our current stash of vintage items that will help set the tone for our future decorating schemes...
*vintage Christmas ornaments...
handed down from my grandparents*
*I see this lovely pink glass container on a vanity or dresser*
*this mirror came with the house and dates back to at least the 40's. I intentionally put a steep $85 price tag on it during our yard sale because I really didn't want it to sell!*
*a little polish and this dainty silver-plated pedestal bowl will look great*
*I can't wait to redecorate our office in a way that showcases the vintage banker's chair and desk that Steven found on Craigslist*
*I never wear them, but I love this vintage Eiffel Tower brooch. I'm determined to find a creative way to repurpose it.*
*this teacup is a part of my "Girl Room" vision for the parlor*
*I don't know if it's cut glass or crystal, but I think this wine carafe is really pretty*

Can't wait to go flea market hunting!


  1. I love your samples and what appears to be your vision, but what happened with the tile????

  2. Count me in on the flea market and antique show!!

  3. Bren, you're more than welcome to join us! Susie & Justin are coming, too, as well as my mom. Hmmmm...maybe I should look into bright yellow "Team LT" T-shirts, LOL. And synchronized watches???