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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inspiration: Master Bedroom

Steven and I are finally starting to think about the master bedroom renovation and we're searching for inspiration pics. I was surprised to see that we are both gravitating towards all white/off-white/creamy bedrooms.

It seems like something that's really hard to get right...creating warm, light, inviting room of "whites" as opposed to a stark, sterile, unfinished looking room of white. So here are some pics that caught my eye, and I'm essentially studying them to try and figure out exactly what it is that I like about the image and what the secret is. I think the key might be using multiple warm off-white shades and lots of different textures to keep it warm and cozy looking, and not like a hospital ward.

*Okay, so I know this is not exactly a white room, but there's some quality about it that seems very neutral and appeals to me*

*I've posted this one before, and I still love it. It's a very light room, but if you look, the wall does seem to be covered in a creamy off white wallpaper with a white floral print. Maybe it's just the crisp linens that catch my eye?*

*So it's not a bedroom, and it IS really white...and yet I love it. It seems to have multiple shades & textures despite being so monochromatic. And I think something about the light finish of the settee grabs me.*

*Another non-bedroom shot, and a little too French for me...but look at all of those neutral and off-white shades combined into one space. Perhaps a little too much beige, too...but there's definitely a lesson to be learned from this pic.*

*And just for illustration...this is a "NOT IT" picture. Nice in its own way, but too white and too bleak to be what we're looking for.*
*So far, this image comes closest to capturing the white/off-white, neutral bedroom colors that we're drawn to. There's a lot of texture in there between the draperies, linens, upholstered skirted bench, the jute looking rug, and the rustic looking headboard...perhaps therein lies the key?*
Well, I'm certainly going to keep looking for more inspiration pics...and hopefully soon I'll find the one that captures the exact look we think we want. If anyone happens to come across any good images of dreamy creamy bedrooms, please do send them my way!

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