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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TA-DA! Bathroom Debut

It's finally DONE! :) :) :) :)

And we're really, really, really pleased with how it turned out. Just as a refresher, here are some BEFORE pics...
Yuck, right?

And, after a complete gutting, taking down a wall, building a new wall, moving the toilet, all new wiring, replacing the window, adding crown moulding, a shower, new pedestal sink/toilet, (new plumber), insulating, drywalling, tiling, painting, etc. etc. etc....HERE are the AFTER pics (yay yay yay yay yay!!!)
And so, with the completion of our first major DIY home improvement project, here are some Major Lessons Learned:

1) Expect the Unexpected. Especially in an older house. Seriously, just erase the phrase "All we have to do is...(fill in the blank)" from your brain, because really that's not ALL you'll have to do. Oh, and your timeline estimate? Triple it.

2) Work in Tandem! Steven and I started out by working on different projects in the house, thinking that that approach would accelerate the overall progress. Never again. Things go so much more smoothly and quickly when you combine forces--and momentum is SO KEY to maintaining our morale.

3) Don't Get TOO Crazy About the Budget. We stressed about whether to splurge on the chair rail tile waaaaay too much. In the end, it was an integral part of getting the look we wanted and worth every penny. I think maybe the key is to identify what is essential to the "vision" (faucet, pedestal sink, chair rail, showerhead) and what really doesn't have that same impact (like the ceiling fan, towel bar, or shower pan) and spend accordingly, without sacrificing quality, of course.

Note to self: Read these before starting the next project!


  1. PS- I'm digging the milk glass vase that makes a minor appearance 5 photos up...

  2. BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!